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How to Know a Dog is Pregnant

There are so many households that appreciate having pet dogs with them. Getting a male dog usually shows that it is aware of this territory. It will boost your security by alerting you whenever a stranger is on the property. Female dogs have often come out as more reliable companions given their affectionate as well as friendly nature. They can also bear adorable puppies. It is however valuable for you to be conversant with how to properly attend to a pregnant dog. The following are some of the aspects that indicate that a dog is pregnant.

You will witness a change in the food they take as well as a decline in appetite. Mostly, the dog will prefer natural foods during this period. This is due to the fact that it will be looking for foods that can nourish it as well as its puppies. As such, the dog will opt for foods that have more nutrients. It will be upon you to make sure that you get them foods that can easily meet their needs. You will easily witness the dog getting tired much more easily. The dog will be much duller than before. Usually, their energy will be exhausted much faster during pregnancy. It will not be uncommon to witness an increase in the discharge of mucus through their reproductive organs. This will be seen about one month after they have mated with a male. It is always important for one to ensure that they check the pee of their dog at least once a day.

You will notice a change in how they act around you. It is not uncommon for dogs to change the attitude they have towards their owners. They will often tend to be quite aloof as well as growl in case you consider getting much closer. Some dogs will prefer being way too close to their owners especially if they were previously distant. Morning sickness will also be quite common to such pregnant dogs. The dog will often throw up small puddles of yellowish substances. You can also consider the help of a vet. They will be relied on for a solution to the vomiting problem at hand. While at it, ensure that cleanliness is maintained around this pregnant dog.

You will witness that there will be an enlargement of their nipples. This is purposed to make sure that the dog lactates as well as feeds its puppies with ease. They will become dark red o show enhanced blood flow to the glands. You can also witness nesting behaviors in them. This is usually aimed at ensuring that they get a comfortable place to give birth.